Real Time Signals Tenchnologies Private Limited. provides Engineering services and consultancy in Software and Firmware fields, they are Embedded Systems, DSP, PCB designing, Android development, Java and Big Data Science.

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Services in Embedded Software

RTS offers high quality solutions in the Embedded software space, with expertise in Developing Board Support Packages(BSP), Device Driver development, middleware development and firmware development.

We have Engineering talent specialized in developing and customizing device drivers for Linux, embedded Linux, vxWorks, nucleus, Andriod etc. As a part of this offerings, RTS provides the following services:

  • BSP development and migration
  • Android
  • Linux
  • RTOS-Nucleus, uClinux,
  • Embedded Linux
  • Device Driver Development and testing
  • for host based, Embedded and multiple architectures.
  • Bus Interfaces
  • USB host and device, SDIO, I2C, SPI, RS-232, RS485. Power management
  • Communication Peripherals
  • Bluetooth, Wi-fi, GSM, GPS, Modem, Ethernet, zigbee
  • Audio Interfaces
  • I2S,PCM, AC97.
  • Display
  • Graphical LCD (TFT, STN), Character LCD’s Analog Displays
  • Memory devices
  • Flash (NAND, NOR), SDRAM(DDR2/3), CompactFlash, SD/MMC, eMMC

Services in Communications​

RTS assist customers to deliver finished products and sustain it through production, field trials and deployment.

At RTS, we understand that increased communication system performance also means increased complexity in algorithms and computation. This needs to be dealt with a simplified approach to design and development. RTS offers expertise and solution’s for addressing these challenges.The main challenges in development lies in taking the product to finish, in a shorter time window, without compromising on quality, profit margins or feature innovation.We offer support through product design, architecture, software development, hardware integration, and deployment. Our unique expertise in the Wireless ecosystem makes us the first choice and trusted partners in delivering next generation wireless products to the market.

Services in Physical Layer

  • Processor or Platform Expertise
  • Texas Instruments
  • Tensilica
  • MIPS (Extended DSP)
  • FreeScaleFPGAs (Xilinx & Altera)
  • System Expertise
  • Floating Point Simulations
  • Fixed Point C
  • Analysis of Captured Signals
  • Algorithm design and implement
  • Development Expertise
  • IEEE802.11a/g/n/ac (WiFi) and WiMax PHY layers
  • Software Architecture
  • Cycle Optimization
  • Feature Implementation

Services in RF integration

  • Platform Expertise
  • Lucent technologies Transceivers
  • Maxim Based Transceivers
  • TI Based Transceivers
  • Conexant Based Transceivers
  • Development Expertise
  • Serdes for interfacing Digital samplesSerial port drivers for configuration
  • Calibration Strategies
  • MII interface for configuration
  • Glue logic for interfacing Digital I Q samples
  • RF Design Expertise
  • Low power RF design based on RFICs
  • Statemachine for power saving, Hand Over Scanning etc
  • TDD and FDD mode of operation
  • Peak to RMS reduction for Low noise amplifiers

Big Data Hadoop and Data Science

Big Data Training and Hadoop


Big Data Spark and Scala

Big Data analytics with R programming